About Money Stir

About Money Stir

My name is Chris. I’m so glad you are here!

My goal is to share my financial journey, and what I’ve learned over the years. I want to be honest about my mistakes, and writing down my thoughts helps keep me on track.

What makes Money Stir different?

First, here is some personal info about me.

About Me

  • I’m in my mid-thirties
  • Married to my wife, Andrea, for about 15 years
  • I have two daughters, ages 8 and 10
  • I’m a PHP and JS web developer
  • Andrea runs a salon as a cosmetologist. I help manage the business.
  • We live in the U.S.A (midwest)
  • We are in the 4th year of a 30-year mortgage.

I’m Not Retiring Early

Given that we are hoping to be credit card debt free by early 2019 (mission accomplished!), without much savings before that, retiring in our 30’s is not an option for us. Since we are just starting to pursue financial independence, the best case is retiring in our 40’s. Right now we have a tentative goal to reach this point by our early 50’s.

Reading other blogs, you may look at this and go “But Chris if you wanted to retire early, you still could!”. See the next point. ????

I understand that retiring in our 50’s is considered early compared to when most people retire. However, in the context of the FIRE movement, this does feel later than what most people are shooting for.

I’m not going to let this discourage our progress. We are making smarter financial decisions, and are approaching an excellent phase in our life where our net worth will grow monthly.

Living off of $40k/yr is not our goal

I respect people who can retire in their 30’s/40’s and live off of $40k/year. But that would not give us the financial flexibility we want. Even without a mortgage, we probably would want to live off of double that amount.

Consequently, our nest egg has to be larger, or we have to work in a way that provides flexibility (passive income, investments, etc.). Our hope during retirement is to travel and enjoy certain luxuries. We also want to have the option in loosening up our budget.

We might decide to lower our expenses to retire earlier, but at this stage, this does not look enticing to us.

I Love My Job

My motivation is not necessarily to quit my 9-5 job as soon as possible. I enjoy what I do and my co-workers. Andrea loves working as a cosmetologist, and we own a beauty salon.

I want to get to a spot where the amount of money we have saved gives us options. Our goal is to pursue financial independence. It is about figuring out what we want out of life and living the best we can.

With that said, I do want more flexibility with my time. I would only quit my regular day job if I could make more by focusing on my side hustles. I do dream about the day where I have full flexibility over my day.

I Was Never a Good Saver

During my mid 20’s and early 30’s, I was continually getting into credit card debt and trying to pay it off. I have not saved much towards retirement. I’ve done very well in my career, but my spending habits held us back.

We had to figure out how to budget and manage our finances on our own. I’ve come to realize that my overspending had core issues stemming from my childhood.

I got sick of the “paying off credit card debt” treadmill I couldn’t get off of. I was tired of continually feeling behind. After doing that for over a decade, and realizing how miserable that made us, we are ready for a change.

Re-Defining Retirement

I don’t look at retiring as me quitting my job and sitting at home for 12 hours/day watching Netflix. For me, retirement means having full flexibility in what I can do with my time. What I decide to do at that point is probably going to evolve.

What I do know is that in any case, I will be keeping my mind busy doing something. I want my time to be enjoyable and flexible.

What is Money Stir About

  • Being transparent and honest about my past financial mistakes and issues
  • Reduce spending on things that do not add value to our lives
  • Getting rid of debt and staying credit card debt free
  • How to optimize your employment, career and running a business
  • Learning how to become a better person
  • How we are pursuing Financial Independence and planning for retirement
  • Talking about how we are going to handle our mortgage (paying off our mortgage early vs. investing)

I hope that I can eventually generate an income from Money Stir. I want to build up the readership and bring in as much traffic from as many sources as possible. My current focus is on quality content and marketing.

I don’t claim to be an expert on the subjects I talk about, but I’m passionate about what I’ve learned through my mistakes. If you don’t agree with me, I want to hear your thoughts in the comment section of the article. I want to hear other perspectives, and for my ideas to be challenged.

If you are a looking for a good place to start digging into the content of Money Stir, take a look at the start page.

Content Schedule

My goal, that I’ve maintained since launching this blog, is to publish three articles per week. New content will be posted on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

You can also signup for my newsletter below to get a short email no more than once per week. I’ll post a personal update in what is going on in our lives, along with links to new content published the previous week.

If there is specific content or an article you want to see, please let me know. I’m also open to publishing guest articles if the material fits well with Money Stir.

Guest Posts

You can view all of the guest posts I’ve published on other sites. If you are interested in writing a guest post for the site, you can do so here.

Thanks again for visiting. I look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to contact me if you want to touch base.

Money Stir Income Streams

The site is growing, and there has been very little income generated from the site at this stage. But these are the main things I hope to monetize going forward:

  • Ad Revenue: Right now Google Ads are dispersed throughout the site. I might end up switch ad networks in the future.
  • Products: My long-term plan is to launch products for sale on the site that provides value to the personal finance space. I’ll publish more information as the details get worked out. 🙂 This also includes free products available to everyone.
  • Affiliate Links: On occasion, I will link to affiliate products that I believe in, where I make a commission from sales using that link. Not every post contains an affiliate link, and when I do use an affiliate on an article, I display a disclaimer at the top of the page.
  • Sponsored Posts: I have not posted any sponsored articles on the site. But if an opportunity presents itself for a product I believe in, I may end up posting these in the future. In these cases, it will be stated that the article is a sponsored post.

My plan is to explore and experiment with different income streams from the blog to see which options work best. In either case, I want you to know that I’m not going to recommend a product that I wouldn’t use myself. I also will stay true to myself and I’m not willing to compromise who I am and what this blog represents for profit.

Would I be willing to eventually sell the blog to someone else? Maybe. If my personal finance situation changes, or if I get to a point where I get burned out and need to do something different, I might consider selling. But this is not in the current long term plan for Money Stir.

Just so that I am 100% clear, my goal for the site is to create awesome content and products (including free products), help others on their personal finance journey, and build a blogging business that would allow me to do this full time. That last point may or may not be possible, but I’m motivated to try! If you have any questions, please contact me.

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