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Want to write an article for Money Stir! I love to publish articles written by other people. Below is how the process works.

Guest Article Approval

The first thing you need to do is fill out the form below to submit an idea in what you want to write about. Do this BEFORE you write the article. Feel free to submit multiple ideas for me to choose from.

If I get the sense that the article is a sponsored piece of content, I will not publish it.

These are the article topics that fit well into the content of Money Stir. Note that in all cases the content needs to have some connection to personal finance.

  • FIRE
  • Investing
  • Career
  • Relationships (marriage, kids, etc.)
  • Debt
  • Relating to paying off your mortgage early
  • Becoming a better person
  • Investing

In order for your article to be approved, it has to meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 2,000 words long. No limit on length.
  • The content has to be 100% unique. It can’t be published anywhere else.
  • You need to spend time making sure the content is free of grammatical and spelling errors. If it is clear that you didn’t spend time doing this, I will not continue reading the article.
  • The text needs to be broken up into multiple headers
  • You need to at least link to one other article on Money Stir in the content
  • You can include up to three links to articles that relate to the article on your blog.
  • Source all statistics to credible outlets and always include citations for images
  • Please provide the following:
    • Bio Image
    • Bio Description
    • Social urls you want to include with your author bio

Once Approved

Your guest article will be shared across my social media channels. You are encouraged to share the article as well.

It is expected that the article will only be published on Money Stir and not any other website.

At my discretion, I may make minor formatting tweaks to the content. And I might change the external links to rel=”nofollow”. I will not make any major changes unless I bring them up with you specifically.

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