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Weekly Stir: 1/28/19

It seems every week has been getting more challenging than the previous week. Last week  I ended up working 60+ hours trying to push out a complex project with a tight timeline at work. The good news is I reached the goal, but unfortunately, it took time from working on Money Stir. I anticipated this […]

Weekly Stir: 1/21/19

I thought last week was hard. Things went up a notch this week! I continued to spend extra hours on a new project for work that has a tight timeline. I also spent a massive amount of time improving the performance and responsiveness of Money Stir. Every page of the site loads better on all […]

Weekly Stir: 1/14/19

It’s been a crazy week! Work has been extra busy lately. I’m working on a massive calculator that is replicating a complex excel document. It has been fun and frustrating at the same time (the best combo). I’m glad I was able to get some posts pre-scheduled before things got crazy. Last week I completed […]