Weekly Stir: 1/28/19

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It seems every week has been getting more challenging than the previous week. Last week  I ended up working 60+ hours trying to push out a complex project with a tight timeline at work. The good news is I reached the goal, but unfortunately, it took time from working on Money Stir.

I anticipated this happening, so I spent extra time during the previous weekend getting ahead of the content schedule. Prepping the content earlier allowed me to stay true to the four posts per week schedule.

I’m trying my best to see if I can keep this content posting schedule and if my readership will increase because of the quantity of content. I don’t want my content schedule to hurt the content quality, but I wonder if reducing the number of posts would increase the quality. However, I do believe my current balance between quantity and quality is solid, and I want to give it enough time to see if it is worth the extra effort. This post will be the 39th blog post for Money Stir, which is quite an accomplishment in the first six weeks of launching a new blog.

I was able to spend time learning how Pinterest works. How much traffic some financial bloggers are bringing in from Pinterest is insane. I started creating pin images and signed up with Tailwind to help schedule pins (this link will give you a free month and provide me $15). I hope during the next week I can start promoting content and join a few group boards to boost traffic.

Traffic started to slow down early last week, but I ended up getting featured on Rockstar Finance on Sunday!Is the FIRE movement bullshit?” was featured in their daily email. I’ve wanted to get listed on their site from the beginning, and it was encouraging to see one of my articles get picked up.

Especially with the extra workload from work, marketing the site has taken a backseat to other priorities. I did write up my 2nd interview for another financial blog that should get published this week. The 1st interview I completed a few weeks ago is scheduled to post in mid-February. Hopefully, this will help with SEO performance as time goes on.

New Site Content

Personal Capital Review
Personal Capital has changed my life for the better. Their tool is incredibly valuable in getting a full picture of your financial situation. I wish I learned about this tool earlier, as having massive credit card debt would have made my negative net worth more obvious. If you haven’t signed up for their free tool, I highly suggest getting it as soon as possible to start tracking your financial picture.

Please don’t raise financially illiterate children!
I want to teach my kids how to use money effectively and not have their spending habits be a burden. “Enforcing the idea that money is a tool that can either work for or against us will help our children make smart choices.”

Financial Death Fight: Past Chris vs. Future Chris
If I could time travel, what would I tell the past version of myself? I look at the thought process on confronting our past and how this can affect our future. “Thinking about what you would do differently is not as clear as it seems since failing can often be what propels us to new heights.”

Financial Update

I’m so excited; I just can’t hide it! This week it looks as though we will make our final payment on our last personal loan! I’ve been anticipating this moment all month, and it is finally approaching. This last payment is a significant amount (upper five figures), and it is our last consumer loan (credit card and personal loan) debt that we have to pay off. Our mortgage will become our only debt.

This is exciting as we can finally pursue a positive net worth. I want to relish in this transition to avoid going into credit card debt in the future. And to start enjoying the feeling of living life without the burden of credit card debt.

I hope you too are thinking about how you want your future to look and seeing what smart financial decisions you can make today.

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