Weekly Stir: 1/7/19

During the last week, I continued to focus on creating content.

My twitter following is growing, and I got featured in two financial feed websites. The first one was on Camp Fire, and then on The Money Mix.

I’m starting to see my website traffic increase. I’ve gotten 44% more traffic in the last week. It is great to see more website visitors coming in!

No one is signing up for the newsletter, so I may brainstorm ideas in how I can get more sign-ups. But at this point, creating great content is my priority.

New Site Content

I continued publishing one new blog post per day, and this is what I wrote:

Is the FIRE movement bullshit?
The FIRE movement is incredibly popular. What is FIRE and how is it implemented? What are the good and bad aspects of their ideas?

Rainy Day Stash of Cash
Having an emergency fund can help us protect our financial future. We can’t predict the future, but we can be financially smart.

Is cutting back on small purchases worth it?
Every day we make small purchases that can seem insignificant. Do these type of expenses have a significant impact on our budget? Is it worth cutting them?

Book Review: Your Money or Your Life
Your Money or Your Life is a book about changing your relationship with money. It challenges our spending habits and what we really want out of life.

Finding Your Inner Voice
Learning to be true to yourself can be an elaborate ball of frustration. Who am I? Finding your voice is vital to your success.

Our Financial Plan for 2019
Our 2019 financial plan is looking exciting. This year we are going to finally get debt free and start focusing on building our net worth.

How to Become a Kick-Ass Employee
Learning how to be a successful employee is hard. But optimizing your employment can lead to raises, promotions, and other opportunities.

Financial Update

We both went back to work last week. It seems a little easier to stay on budget when you have less free time.

We ended up going to Costco and spending 77% of our January grocery budget at the beginning of the month ($462 out of $600). We got a lot of essentials that we were low on (toilet paper, peanut butter, etc.), but I’m concerned this is going to make the rest of the month tight. To stay on budget, we will have to be careful with grocery spending the rest of the month. I saved the receipt, and I want to go through it to see if we are getting too many processed foods, and how we can save money on months like this.

I ended up making eight frozen lasagna meals, which will get used in the next 3-4 months. Creating frozen meals provides easy and tasty meals, and makes meal planning easier.

Since we are hoping to be debt free by the end of this month, I feel like we are at a critical time. I can feel the weight of this point, and I’m excited to start building our rainy day stash of cash.

I started waking up at 5 AM this week. It has been hard, especially right after a long break. But I’m liking how much more time it is giving me to focus on my writing.

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