Weekly Stir: 12/30/18

I hope everyone has a great New Years! This week I focussed on producing new content. I re-worked the About page and made minor tweaks to the header.

I now have eight Twitter followers and 23 likes on the Facebook page. This week I want to spend more time marketing the blog and getting more Twitter followers. Getting traffic on a new blog is difficult, and I’m trying to figure out ways to generate more traffic. It is frustrating how Google will not bring in search traffic on a new domain for a while. At this point, most of the traffic is coming from comments on other blogs and a few directory listing sites.

I want to write guest posts, but I’m finding creating content for the site to be time-consuming. This blog post is the 19th published article on the blog, and I would like to have more content before I publish guest posts on other blogs.

New Site Content

I’m continuing to publish one new blog post per day, and this is what I published this week:

Financial Update

Our food and dining out budget stayed on track. It was a little harder than usual since we all had the week off and had family in town. We had enough margin in our grocery budget to cover a $100 charge to get snow pants and gloves. We had a great time driving to a sled hill. It is incredible seeing how much our girls love playing in the snow, even though it was 10 degrees outside!

We made a large payment towards our last personal loan this weekend. On February 1st we are hoping to pay this off and become 100% credit card/personal loan debt free! Being debt free, outside of our house, is a huge milestone as we’ve been pushing hard to drive down these balances in 2016-2017.

The transfer from Betterment to Vanguard finally settled, and we now have access to those funds. I’m going to wait before doing anything with it to see if the market is going to go down further. I got lucky in that the Betterment funds were liquified while the market was starting to go down, so maybe I can get more shares for the same money. But I’m no expert on timing the market, so I’m not going to wait too long. Another option would be to dollar cost average.

As we phase into the new year, I hope you are taking some time to think about how you want 2019 to look. If you are working your way out of debt, how can you speed up the process? If you are debt free, how can you protect your investment and save more? Financial independence is a lot of work, but the process of getting there is worth the cost!

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