Weekly Stir: 2/4/19

This week has been exciting and stressful at the same time. I made a ton of changes to the look of Money Stir, and we made a big transition with our finances. Below I break down the big ticket items for the week.

I was able to get ahead of the content posting schedule last weekend again, which freed up time to implement the changes I wanted to make on Money Stir.

No more Consumer Debt!

We made our last four-figure payment to pay off our personal loan! This loan was our last consumer debt. The only debt we have left is our mortgage. Paying off this last debt is very exciting as we can finally work on fully funding our emergency fund, and start maxing out our retirement savings and do some after-tax investing. Expect a post on Thursday this week that talks about how I feel about being debt free.

Money Stir Rebranding

I went to 99Designs and paid for a new logo. The way their site works is you set up a “contest” with a certain amount of money for the logo. You will then receive designs for different logos. You can communicate with the designers on a logo and choose a winner when the contest ends. We received around 150+ designs for the logo. Some of the logos were awful, but there were quite a few that we liked. The logo you see now on the site is the design we landed on.

Since we developed a new logo, I figured that was a good time to implement a new website look for Money Stir. I implemented a new premium theme and restructured the content organization for the site. The result is something I’m more proud of and is a more accurate reflection of the brand I want to promote for Money Stir.  On Thursday I will publish a post about exactly what I did, and the reasons behind the changes.

Changes to the Weekly Stir

Instead of posting a weekly personal update, I’m going to do the following:

  • Every 1-2 weeks I’ll send out an email with similar personal updates and the newly posted content through the newsletter. You can sign up for the periodic newsletter with the form below.
  • Once a month I will post a “Monthly Stir” that gives a general look at the last month.

Posting a weekly stir every week requires publishing four blog posts a week, which is a little more than I can do right now. Making these changes should free me up to focus on the other three articles I want to publish. I’m hoping it also will help grow my mailing list. I’m still ironing out the details on exactly how this will work, but that is currently what I’m thinking.

New Site Content

Financial Pitfalls are not about Money
At first glance, it appears financial problems are primarily about money. But my experience is most financial mistakes often point to other obstacles. We all have our experiences and frameworks that have gotten us to where we are. How we spend and interact with money is a symptom of more significant issues. These problems can either lead us to make sound financial decisions or be the result of massive credit card debt.

You Need a Budget Detailed Review
Managing your income and how you spend money will give you an accurate financial picture. It isn’t about making us feel guilty about how we spend money. It is about being aware of what is going on so we can pursue our long-term goals. This review is a detailed look at how YNAB works and why I use it.

Avoid the Hyper-Consumer Spiral of Death
Product advertising temps us to buy products that claim they will make us happy. But is there anything we can buy that will bring us fulfillment? This article is not about making us feel guilty about how we spend money. How we spend income becomes about figuring out what is worth the cost, and what is preventing us from pursuing our goals.

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